I wanted to send you this annual market report for our beloved Cross Creek. 2017 was an exceptional year for price appreciation across the board for all types of condo homes in our community. In most cases, we exceeded the outstanding 6% price growth across most of the Atlanta metro market area. See the enclosed Market Report for full details.

The most prominent questions I hear from our neighbors are; “what is the market going to do in 2018?” “Will the new tax law have an impact on our property values?” The great news is that I believe that we will continue to see better than average appreciation overall and that units that are significantly improved will increase dramatically in sales price. I do not think the changes to the tax law will impact our marketplace directly, but it will have a specific impact on my clients that own homes valued at more than 750k. The market for 2018 for Atlanta, in general, is going to be amazing. The Atlanta region is leading the country in GDP growth, and our economic growth in the city continues to be beyond robust. Life is Great Y’all.

I would love the opportunity to talk about your goals for the future and how your real estate holdings can play a roll in making your dreams a reality. I am always available to answer any questions you might have and can be reached on my cell at 404-353-9233 or Bill@BillForrest.com.

All the Best,

Bill Forrest, REALTOR
Principal and Associate Broker
Forrest & Company at
PalmerHouse Properties

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Click Here for 2017 Market Report

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