With the new management company, we have been seeing some wonderful changes happening to ‘the Creek.’ Cross Creek, when it was originally built for many years, was a cutting-edge concept of a community.  Whoever would have thought about building a luxury apartment community on a golf course? That vision carried through to also have a very lush landscape design using a lot of plant varieties that are not normally found in Atlanta. It was described by some as an oasis in the heart of the city.  Fast forward a few decades and things were not so great. After the condo conversion, the oversight of the property went through many changes. Over the years as plantings died off they were not replaced. Landscape design was not a priority with several previous administrations, boards, or managers. This has now changed and it’s an exciting development to watch unfold.

The Main Pool

As you may know, the two satellite pools had previously been completely rebuilt and are now salt-water pools.  I was a little disappointed that the rehabs did not change the design of the pools and add features like disappearing edge or walk-in entry for more of a resort style but you cant have everything. That would definitely cost too much.  The main pool rehab is just about complete and it looks fantastic.  It is amazing how much was done to the pool for so little cost. The change in HOA management companies is really paying off. As you can see in the picture the new stone edging is a great architectural addition.  Best of all the pools will be open earlier this year than in the past.

The Entrance Marquee is getting a makeover.

The landscape team recently cut out the dead or dying cherry trees as the first step to getting the marquee back to having a wow factor.  Now starting to emerge out of the ground are several hundred bulbs that will give a big pop of spring color.  Soon there will be several more additional plantings to make our entrance very lush and worthy of envy by our million dollar neighbors. This is very exciting to watch the transformation.

The complete interior of Cross Creek is getting an entirely new landscape plan. Now something this ambitious doesn’t happen overnight but they have gotten a huge start to it. The cafe front facade was freshened up with new plantings including a beautiful new tree and planters that have gotten some interesting comments. It is a creative way to have landscaping that is portable. Under the planters is the grease trap which does not allow for a permanent installation. It also adds a little pop of color. In the turn about the hedgerow that has been overgrown for years has been manicured to allow the course to be seen from the parking lot, much like it was from the original landscape plan 40+ years ago.

The Guardhouse has been completely redone with the old non-function fountain removed.  There will be changes to the lighting as well. The lush plantings that you now see at the guard house will be carried though-out the parkway initially then the rest of our community.  The Buildings & Ground committee, Property Manager, and Landscape team or evaluating every section and phase, street by street.

The future looks incredibly bright for Cross Creek!




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